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So-Brite Chemicals

So Brite Chemicals' patented formula for silicone removal, DSR-5/Re-mov instantly breaks the bond of cured silicone and most adhesives without elbow grease, dip tanks, mixing, heating, melting or special tools. And cleanup’s a cinch. 

It also avery effective tape and residue remover. The most difficult tapes are removed without a struggle. As a remover of adhesives it is second to none.

DSR-5/Re-mov is very economical—a little goes a long way. The dollars you save in decreased labor costs, machinery down-time, and the ability to reuse once discarded items, more than pays for the product.

DSR-5/Re-mov doesn’t use corrosive chemicals and doesn’t emit harmful vapors. It contains less than 1% Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and is safer than most solvents regarding skin contact and material. 

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